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Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists

Bring year round comfort to your Southern California home with expert heating and air conditioning services from NexGen Air! Our customers love how their homes are warm in winter and super cool in summer– we provide prompt service and competitive prices! Installation, service and repairs – we do it all. Certified Trane® dealers. Contact us today!


Anaheim Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Company

Thousands of residents in the Anaheim area depend on NexGen Air for their heating and cooling services. There are dozens of reasons why, and one that comes to mind and is easily recognizable, is the weather patterns we’ve seen in the area these last few years. You want to be ready for potentially hotter summers, and occasionally cooler mornings and evenings in fall and winter. When weather gets a bit unpredictable, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted HVAC company like NexGen Air on your side.

Heating Installation, Service & Repair Specialists

Anaheim, CA enjoys beautiful weather nearly all the time. Sometimes winter mornings and evenings can get a bit cool. Be ready for those times by getting to know our heating company. We offer prompt and courteous service plus we’re Trane®-certified dealers. You can select a gas, oil or electric furnace from NexGen Air, or you can go with a heat pump, which may be the most efficient solution in our climate. We will come to your home to discuss your options and give you our recommendations for your winter comfort. Staying warm in Anaheim is easier, and more affordable, when you have NexGen Air as your HVAC company.

We’re Your Anaheim Air Conditioning Experts, Too

NexGen Air offers complete air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services to keep your home comfortably cool, even on the hottest days.

NexGen Air offers you state-of-the-art AC units that cool your home more efficiently, saving you money. With our experience installing air conditioners around the area, we can match your home with the correct size unit so you get the cooling you want. Bigger isn’t always better with air conditioners. NexGen Air will install a properly sized unit so you stay cool and save money. Today’s more efficient systems may surprise you – you’ll enjoy cool comfort and get a handle on your utility bills.

Did you know that insulation is a big key to your comfort?

Proper insulation can reduce the load on your heating and cooling system by keeping the air at a consistent temperature. Here’s how you can benefit from insulation installed by NexGen Air:

  • Your heating and cooling system works hard to keep your Anaheim home comfortable. It has to work extra hard if the insulation in your home isn’t keeping the cool or warm air where it’s supposed to be. With the right insulation your HVAC system only needs to work hard enough to make the interior air comfortable. The insulation helps to maintain that comfort level, so your system turns on less frequently.
  • Cold weather example: Your heating system heats your home, but since warm air rises, it can be lost in your attic if the attic isn’t insulated, causing your system to need to heat the home more often. This is a waste of your energy dollars and it puts stress on your heating unit.
  • Summer example: Insulation puts a barrier in place that keeps cool air inside. You’ll find that on a warm day, even when your air conditioner is off (unless it is very humid outside) the interior of your home, when well-insulated, will be several degrees cooler than the outside air.

We combine professional grade insulation products with our top-of-the-line Trane heating and cooling systems to provide you with the very best home insulation and HVAC reliability. The result is total comfort in every season, and less of a drain on your energy budget and your HVAC system. It’s definitely a “Win-Win! ” for you!

Another Great Service That Upgrades Your Comfort & Saves You Money

Ever not have enough hot water for showers or other needs? That will become a thing of the past when you have NexGen Air install a state-of-the-art tankless hot water heater. Consider this point: a conventional water heater becomes less efficient every year, costing you money. Plus storing hot water in a tank is not as convenient as the continuous flow of hot water you’ll get with our new tankless hot water heaters. And think how convenient having all the hot water you want would be! Talk to us today about these new hot water heaters and get one for your home!

Our NexGen Club Offers Big Money Savings

In addition to all of our HVAC services, we want to help you save even more! Join our NexGen Club for big savings on heating and cooling maintenance, repairs and new equipment. Choose from three club membership tiers to fit your needs.

  • Red Club is a 3 year club. It’s a great option because it provides 3 years of benefits: 2 maintenance visits per year, free diagnostics, 10% off new equipment and costs $395 for the 1st system.
  • White Club is our 2 Year Club. You’ll receive 2 maintenance visits every year, you pay only a $35 diagnostic fee, receive 5% off new equipment and it costs only $275 for the 1st system.
  • Blue Club is our 1 Year Club. You’ll get 2 maintenance visits every year, pay a $55 diagnostic fee and it costs only $140 per system.

NexGen Air Provides the Heating and Cooling Services You Need in Anaheim

With NexGen Air we leave nothing to chance because we know you depend on us for year round comfort! Get ready for better winter comfort and cool relaxation in summer with help from NexGen Air. Call us today at (855) 651-9366 and schedule your heating, cooling, water heater and insulation check.